Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Mew Year!

So it's a new year and let's hope it's a good one! ^^ Trying to go traditional japaneseish today and wear a kimono. Kinda simple outfit wise but I picked up a really neat HUD for the Uchi Felis av that let's you keep your mouth open in different ways, controls how much you smile or don't, and helps manage the eyes a little better. If you love your av like mine, it's definitely a worthy buy - only problem is, it doesn't come up on Marketplace Search under felis so you had to struggle to find it; dun worry I'll link ya. Best New Years Wishes to All!

Outfit - Konayuki - BareRose - L$170
HUD - Uchi Cat Head HUD - Crazy Cats Studios - L$100

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TsutomuTomutsu said...

I like this hair and put on the trial version, but strands get into and behind the eyes. You seem to have fixed the problem nicely. Did this require surgery on individual prims of the hair, or did you simply resize and reposition? Thanks.

Dunno what happens with blog posts several years old, but if anyone at all reads this, hiya.